Delegation Applications

Sharing Contributions

All validators interested in applying for an Umee Foundation delegation should self-assign the "Validator" role on the Umee Discordopen in new window. It is best practice to constantly check updates in the relevant channels and also post all of your technical and community contributions to the #vali-contributions channel on Discord as they're made in order to help bring maximum visibility to the overall validator community. The thread function is enabled to allow for discussions and follow up questions, so be prepared to discuss your contributions with the validator community.

Providing detailed descriptions and links to specific contributions is extremely important.

Application Form

At the beginning of March, June, September, and December respectively, the Validator Delegation Application Form will open up to allow validators to apply for the next quarter’s foundation delegation. The form will be shared in the #validator-announcements channel on the Umee Discordopen in new window, and applications will be accepted for two weeks.