What is Umee Governance?

In crypto, blockchains and applications are commonly governed by their users. By distributing governance tokens to users, contributors, and investors, a project is able to better align the decision making process with the interests of all stakeholders.

Umee uses an on-chain governance structure where governance proposals are voted on by community members who stake UMEE. Each staked UMEE token represents a single vote, so users who stake more UMEE tokens obtain greater influence over Umee's future. When community members who stake their UMEE fail to vote before a deadline, their votes are inherited by the validator they have delegated their stake to.

Since Umee’s governance takes place on-chain, the results of votes are always visible by everyone. Additionally, votes on certain proposals other than text proposals can trigger on-chain events that cannot be stopped by a single person or group of people including the Umee core team.

Umee aims to make the governance process as easy and accessible as possible. If you have any suggestions, please share them with the community in the #suggestions channel on the Umee Discord serveropen in new window.

How to Participate

Umee's governance conversations take place on Umee's governance forumopen in new window. Anyone with an Umee wallet is welcome to voice their opinions and participate in Umee's governance processes.

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