Test Before You Try

Umee aims to make DeFi as easy and accessible as possible, and encourages new users to test out features on Umee's testnetopen in new window before using real money.

What is a Testnet?

A testnet is a network identical to the main network that is used for testing and experimentation without the use of real funds. Crypto developers commonly use testnets to try out new products and features before deploying them on the main network. Crypto users can use testnets to familiarize themselves with how products or services work before using real assets.

Testnets use testnet tokens, valueless versions of real tokens that help simulate how interactions occur on mainnet. From a user perspective there is no difference between testnet and mainnet when interacting with an individual application. Many projects do not maintain a testnet, so users may not be able to seamlessly transfer funds across different test networks as they would on mainnet.

Who Should Use a Testnet?

  • Anyone who is brand new to crypto should try out Umee's testnet before using mainnet.

  • Users who are familiar with crypto but have never used a money market protocol are also encouraged to try out Umee's testnet before using mainnet.