Creating a New Asset Listing Proposal

Umee allows users to lend and borrow a wide variety of assets across chains in a trustless manner. Umee follows a formal listing process that allows the protocol to assess risk using a targeted framework that scrutinizes key risk areas including market risk (volume, volatility, market cap), centralization of asset, protocol risk, etc.

Anyone can submit a proposal for a new asset to be listed on Umee by creating a "New Asset Listing Proposal" thread on Umee's governance forumopen in new window. An off-chain poll is used to gauge community sentiment around a New Asset Listing Proposal, and the Umee Core team will submit an on-chain "Token Registry Proposal" for assets that gain clear support.

While all assets that are accepted by Umee's governance will be listed on Umee, different assets have different levels of risk that will be assessed by a risk team. Proposers should provide as much of the relevant information as possible to help Umee make an informed decision.

Creating the Proposal

1) Start by connecting your wallet to Umee's governance forumopen in new window.

2) Select the "New Asset Listing Proposals" section.

3) Select the "+" button and choose "New New Asset Listing Proposals Thread."

4) You will now see a template for the New Asset Listing Proposal. In the Proposal Type dropdown, select "New Asset Listing Proposals."

5) Title the proposal and complete the template for the asset being proposed.

Reference this sample New Asset Listing Proposal if you'd likeopen in new window!

6) Create the New Asset Listing Proposal thread.

7) Return to the "New Asset Listing Proposals" section and select the new thread you've created.

8) Click on the "Create Poll" button.

9) Create a poll to help gauge sentiment for the proposal.

If there is clear support for the proposal on Umee's governance forum, an Umee core team member will create and submit an on-chain "Token Registry Proposal" to add support for the asset on Umee as soon as possible. Nothing more is needed from the proposer.