Funding a Wallet

A native UMEE token balance is required in order to transact on the Umee blockchain. The UMEE token is supported on several centralized exchanges including OKX, MEXC,, and FTX.

Withdrawing Native UMEE

Confirm your UMEE tokens are in their native format before funding your wallet.

If your exchange of choice doesn't support the native UMEE token, skip to the "Withdrawing Native ATOM" guide.

1) Select the withdraw option for the UMEE token on your centralized exchange of choice.

2) Open your Umee wallet extension, select "Umee" from the network dropdown list, and copy your Umee wallet address.

3) Select "Withdraw," paste your Umee wallet address in the "withdraw to" section, and wait for the transaction to process. Your UMEE will appear on the Umee network in your Umee blockchain compatible wallet shortly.

Please note that withdrawing from a CEX may take longer than normal transactions on the Umee network. Don't panic if your tokens do not appear instantly. Purchase ATOM from your CEX of choice.

Withdrawing Native ATOM

Purchasing and withdrawing ATOM, the native Cosmos Hub token, is one of the easiest ways to start using the Cosmos ecosystem. These tokens can easily be exchanged for native UMEE tokens.

Trading Cosmos Assets on a Decentralized Exchange

Anyone with an Umee blockchain compatible wallet can use a decentralized exchange to exchange Cosmos assets.